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Meditation Timetable

The following is the Hlaing Mahasi Timetable for practitioner of Meditation.

Get up from bed, wash face, do personal hygiene, change clothes- all you do must beaccompanied with continuous mindfulness.

Go to the Dhamma Hall when you hear the sound of brass gong.

Worship and meditate

Walk to the dining hall with mindfulness when you hear the sound brass gong, and have breakfast with mindfulness

Listen how to pratise Vipassana or sit in meditation at the Damaha hall

Take a walk in meditation (Monks and novices have to collect alms-food with mindfulness)

9:00 to 12:00pm:
Take a bath, wash clothes, have a lunch-all you do must be accompanied with mindfulness (note at 11:45, the brass gong will alarm you and so you have to put your mind on that sound like i heat it,t hear it,then you have to walk to the Dhamma Hall with the awarness on your walk such as left-right,left-right)

Sit in meditation

1:00 to 1:45pm:
Walk in meditation

Listen to a sermon either from cassettes or one of the teachers and then take a walk in meditation

Take a Dhamma Hall with mindfulness to sit in meditation

4:00to 5:45pm:
Walk in meditation until you hear the sound of brass gong

Listen the sermon preached by the venerable Sayadaw

Say prayers of four vital Dhammaand then meditate

Walk with mindfulness and rest in bed with meditation till you fall asleep