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Sayadaw's Biography

Hlaing Mahasi Syadaw was born to father, U Po Sin and mother Daw Chit On, in Chaung Phyarr Village of Magway Division, Mindon Township, on the third Waning Day of the Second Waso of the year 1291 ME. He was named Maung San Pwint, the name given accordingly to the day of his birth as he was born on a Tuesday. Maung San Pwint spent his childhood with his grandparents. He began his schooling at Kan Kyaw Village Monastery in Magway Division. Among the ninety or so children comprising the monastic classroom, Maung San Pwint showed his inclination in preaching, reading and teaching at a tender age. It was the time when girls were not allowed for schooling and school lessons were to be noted down on slate. Maung San Pwint was made a novice when he was thirteen years old in 1303 ME during the time Japanese Occupation took over, driving out the ritish. He was given the title Shin Sanda Vara.

Even in his novice hood, he proved that he was an avid reader having read classic eligious literature like the Five-hundred-and-fifty Jataka, Dhama ada, Zinahta Pakathani and such. He also studied various sermons made by his preceding preaching monks. By two years service as a novice, he began giving sermons to the audience from time to time. The Chief Monk of the monastery was much pleased that he asked Koyin Sanda Vara to teach and manage the eighty or so learners and koyin (novice monks) at the school. Koyin Sanda Vara was also asked to give sermon on Sabbath days. He had to read and study for his own as well as for teaching and instructing at the class. Due to numerous exhausting and time-consuming obligations, Koyin Sanda Vara set out to Ta Lote Yinn Village where he could be himself and had more time for study. After that he continued his study at Sasana Depayone Monastery in the town of Pyay in Middle-Myanmar (Burma).

He finished his government-run Pahtamange (First-grade Buddhist Scripture Course). He then had come of age to become senior monk (Yahan) and was ordained at the village monastery, presided over by Taung Taw Ywa Kyaung Sayadaw U Pannava. He again pursued his learning at the Masoeyein Kyaungtaik Haung New Padaetha Monastery and finished his Middle-grade Buddhist Scripture Course. He got a name Thayet Aung Mingalar Shin Sanda Vara as he had stayed in Thayet Aung Mingalar Kyaungtaink in the town of Thayet for three years giving sermons and teaching student monks there. Meanwhile, he contributed articles to various religious periodicals like Buddha Dhama Lawka under the pseudonym of Thayet Aung Mingalar Ashin Sandar Vara.In the year 1331 ME, he spent his time in meditation under the tutorage of the original Mahasi Sayadaw and Ashin Pandita Biwuntha of the now-famous Shwetaunggone Sasana Yeiktha. Then he was given the position of the chief monk at the Sasana Man-Aung Meditation Centre which now became Hlaing Mahasi Sasana Yeiktha and Ashin Sandar Vara was given by the original Mahasi Sayadaw himself the title of Hlaing Mahasi Sayadaw.